Center Grove Foundation

Spring 2019 Teacher Grants

The Center Grove Education Foundation Board of Directors awarded eleven Teacher Grants and five Professional Development Grants totaling over $22,000 for the 2019 Spring Cycle.

Excerpt from the grant applications are included below:

Teacher Grants

STEM at Bridges – $289.65 

Alyson Brewer, Bridges Academy

Bring Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream’s STEM Education Program to the Center Grove Bridges Academy. The students will see science come to life with several exciting demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen and enjoy liquid nitrogen ice cream made right in front of the students. *Made possible by STEM funding from Endress+Hauser

Choral Scholarship – $1,000

Jennifer Dice, Center Grove High School

The goal is that all students who want to participate in the Choral Music Program at Center Grove High School can do so regardless of financial status. The support of the scholarship program will benefit students with financial need who love choral music.

Trikes for Preschoolers – $1,445 

Barb Kindred, CGCSC Physical Therapist

Purchase tricycles to provide development preschool students with frequent opportunities to learn how to ride a trike. Research indicates that early intervention is key for students with developmental delays. Riding a trike is an age-appropriate activity that benefits the overall physical and cognitive development of our preschool students.

The Netherfield Ball – $550

Lesley McDougal, Center Grove High School

The purpose of this project is to integrate cultural experiences of Regency England into the Pride and Prejudice unit. Students will dress up for the event, study the etiquette and manners required for the regency ball, and prepare and eat the foods present at a regency ball. Students will also learn regency period dances and perform these dances during the ball.

MSN Greenspace Recycled Bench Project – $1,000 

Jeff Peterson, Jake Burskey, and Chris Shadday, Center Grove Middle School North

Students and staff at CGMSN have been working to restore Indiana native species to a large, 3.3-acre area behind the school into an Educational Greenspace. The Plastic Cap Crew, a leadership group from the MSN Student Council, has begun a recyclable plastic cap collection. The recyclable plastic caps will be used to make recycled plastic benches for the Educational Greenspace. *Made possible by STEM funding from Endress+Hauser

College Bound – $356.28 

Denise Sedgwick, Center Grove Middle School North

Create a permanent display of college pennants representing the major colleges and universities located throughout the state of Indiana, to promote the importance of higher education and encourage discussion among students about college and university options available to them. *Made possible by funding from CGEF Board Member Heather George Myers

Tightening Up Tuning – $3,075 

Joe Shimp, Center Grove Middle School North

Purchase a set of Perfection Planetary Pegs for the school cellos. Planetary Pegs would reduce the amount of tuning time in class greatly, giving back an estimated 25 minutes of instruction a week (that’s 11 hours a year!)

Fashion and Textiles Vinyl Cutting Projects – $1,308.90 

Lesley Stevens, Center Grove High School

Purchase two Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutting machines, a large heat press, and vinyl supplies for the textiles lab. Intro to Fashion I students will learn the basics of the machine and embellish a project. In Intro to Fashion II, students would learn how to create a graphic, cut out the vinyl and personalize baseball tees. These machines will allow students to create more original designs.

Giving All CG Sports Full-Court Press – $1,500 

Casey Tedrow and Melissa Warner, Center Grove High School

This grant will fund a subscription to Box Out Sports, an enhanced graphics package used exclusively with our sports Twitter account. This subscription would give students in-game experience at creating score updates and statistical graphics, much like college and professional media departments use.

OSMOre Ways to Learn $745.00 

Kristi Watters, Center Grove Elementary School

Osmo Learning Systems will be used to increase engagement and differentiation opportunities for kindergarten students. Osmo enables an iPad to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback. Playing beyond the screen invites students to collaborate on tables or floors while manipulating tangible game pieces such as number tiles, letter tiles, and coding blocks. *Made possible by STEM funding from Endress+Hauser

Red Alert Robotics Sponsorship – $2,500 

Red Alert Robotics Parent Organization

The goal of Red Alert Robotics is to inspire young people to be future science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills and inspire innovation. *Made possible by STEM funding from Endress+Hauser