Center Grove Foundation

Spring 2019 Professional Development Grants

The Center Grove Education Foundation Board of Directors awarded eleven Teacher Grants and five Professional Development Grants totaling over $22,000 for the 2019 Spring Cycle.

Excerpt from the grant applications are included below:

Professional Development Grants

Flip to Student View: AMLE Conference Presenters – $2,059.72

Chelsea Fleming, CG Middle School North and Jeanne Schwartz, CG Middle School Central

As accepted presenters at a national conference with a focus on middle school instruction, we will be sharing our expertise as well as gaining feedback to help us grow in our own coaching practice

Coalition Across Difference – Using Digital Stories to Create Classroom Communities – $250

Erin McNeil, Center Grove High School

The New Directions in the Humanities Conference explores teaching methods in cultural studies, humanities, and linguistic studies. Not only will the lessons learned from this conference impact my effectiveness as an ENL and English educator, it will also impact the professional development I offer to the staff yearly as the ENL coordinator.

Revolutionary Ideas – $1,522

Lauren Schiedler, Walnut Grove Elementary School

Attend the 2019 American School Counselor Association Annual Conference in Boston, MA. This is the premier event for in-depth school-counseling-related educational sessions.

The Art of Punching, Hooking, and Dying – $3,735

Heidi Shackleford, Center Grove High School

Attend a five-day retreat at the Oxford Rug Hooking School, located in Cornwall, Vermont. Purchase a class set of Oxford Punch Needles to be used by students in the Fiber Arts class at Center Grove High School.

Honing My String Skills – $1,290.95

Joe Shimp, Center Grove Middle School North

Attend the 34th annual Ohio State University String Teacher Workshop. The workshop aims to send string teachers home with new skills and tricks of the trade.