Center Grove Foundation

Spring 2018 Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Grants – Spring 2018

The New Art & Science of Teaching Workshop – $11,701.28
All Elementary Principals and Instructional Coaches

Coaching Pantry – $2,074.89
Lindsay Hardin, Center Grove High School

Staff Development for Educators Conference – $2,874.54
Megan McKinney and Krista Nelson, Center Grove Elementary School

The Body Project – $1,700
Shannon Nunnelly, Center Grove Elementary School

Me Gusta Hablar Espanol – $2,351
Christina Presley, Center Grove Middle School North

Annual Conference on Assessment and Grading – $2,980
Jeanne Schwartz, Center Grove Middle School Central and Chelsea Fleming, Center Grove Middle School North

Teaching – A Convergence of Artistry & Research – $1,100
Mindy VanderVeen, Sugar Grove Elementary School