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Sherrie Buchanan Memorial Grant Guidelines

Sherrie Buchanan Memorial Grant Guidelines

(established June 2013 by Mark Buchanan)

The Sherrie Buchanan Memorial Grant was established by family and friends of Sherrie Buchanan who was a teachers’ aide to special needs students at Center Grove Middle School Central. Sherrie was also a dedicated board member and officer of the Center Grove Education Foundation for four years before she passed away in November 2012, due to a hard fought battle with cancer.

Her husband, Mark Buchanan, wanted her passion for students to be carried on in her honor, and therefore established a memorial grant to be distributed annually during the Fall Grant Cycle of the Center Grove Education Foundation. The grant will be funded by private donations of friends and family, along with proceeds from an annual fundraiser put on by friends called Sherrie’s Ride.

The grant guidelines and restrictions are as follows:

  1. The money will be distributed to a staff member(s) from Center Grove Middle School Central or Center Grove Middle School North.
  2. Priority of funds will go to staff members in the special needs departments first and foremost. If no requests from special needs are submitted, or if there are remaining funds available, then other staff requests from either middle school will be considered for approval.
  3. Maximum disbursements are: $1,000 per grant request with a maximum of $2,000 total distributions per year.
  4. Grant requests must include clear explanations of what the money will be used for, addressing any use for special needs programs for students.
  5. Recipient must submit a letter to Mr. Mark Buchanan detailing what the grant money was used for and the results, if applicable.

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