Center Grove Foundation

Guidelines for CGEF Teacher Grants


Center Grove teachers, teacher aides, teacher assistants, school counselors, administrators, support staff, student groups, parent groups, or other school organizations.


  1. Submit grant applications on the form provided on the CGEF website.
  2. The application must be neatly typed, and include the required approval of a principal or other designated school administrator.
  3. State the program description, need or problem, goals, specific activities, and time frame for the project.
  4. State why the project enriches the lives of students by providing additional learning opportunities and/or resources or otherwise meets specific educational or curricular needs of the class, school, or organization. *Note: Projects benefitting an individual student will not be considered.
  5. State an income and itemized expense projection for the project, including additional funding opportunities or resources.
  6. State the anticipated benefit and impact of the project on students, teachers, and the school educational community.
  7. The deadline for consideration for the fall funding cycle is October 31, 2022 (Application cycle opens October 1. 2022.)
  8. The deadline for consideration for the spring funding cycle is April 14, 2023. (Application cycle opens March 1, 2023.)


  1. All projects must be educational.
  2. Equipment purchases should be part of the project, not an end in itself. Equipment requests require an educational objective demonstrating the incorporation of the requested equipment as an integral piece of the project.
  3. When available, the project should involve opportunities for matching funds or resources from third parties.
  4. The project should improve student character, achievement, or motivation.
  5. The project should address a problem or satisfy unfulfilled needs for which funding is otherwise unavailable.
  6. If designed to be ongoing, the project should be capable of being successfully continued without long-term future funding from the CGEF. Does the applicant have available funding sources in place so that the endeavor might be continued after the CGEF funding is exhausted?
  7. Projects that can be replicated or extended to other areas are strongly encouraged.
  8. Consideration will be given to striking a balance among projects initiated by teachers, students, or other groups throughout the community.
  9. Consideration will be given to striking a balance among all grade levels.
  10. Depending on available funds, the CGEF may approve only partial funding for some projects.
  11. Grant funds shall not be used for additional staff compensation.
  12. All grants awarded will require submission of a budget/expense report, and a 1-3 page synopsis outlining the outcomes of the grant including how the funds were used, the successes and/or shortcomings of the results, and the short and long-term gains of the funded project. The synopsis and budget/expense reports are due to the CGEF within 30 days of the project’s conclusion.

The Grants Committee may request additional information.

Revised September 2022


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