Center Grove Foundation

Guidelines for CGEF Professional Development Grants

Who May Apply?

Center Grove Certified Staff and Administrators

General Guidelines:

  1. Submit grant applications on the form provided on the CGEF website.
  2. The application must be completed and be submitted within the set fall and spring cycle timelines. The online form will automatically close at midnight on the application deadline.
  3. Fall cycle applications may be for the following spring semester or summer; Spring cycle applications may be for the following summer or fall semester.
  4. A description of the professional development opportunity, objectives, and opportunity specifics must be included. (What makes this PD opportunity special?)
  5. State why the opportunity offers a new approach to a specific problem or otherwise supports the current building professional development plan or corporation initiative.
  6. State what expenses for the opportunity will be incurred (registration, travel, accommodations, additional expenses). The expected average range of grant funds available (per grant) will be approximately $250 – $2,500.


  1. All opportunities must be educational and be related to the content area of the applicant.
  2. Equipment requests require an educational objective demonstrating how the requested equipment is an integral piece to the professional development opportunity.
  3. The opportunity should reflect how the applicant intends to use the experience to improve student character, achievement, or motivation.
  4. If the opportunity is designed to be ongoing, the opportunity should be capable of being continued without long-term future funding from the CGEF.
  5. When available, the opportunity should involve chances for matching funds or resources from third parties.
  6. Depending on available funds, the CGEF may approve only partial funding for an opportunity. CGEF may also provide assistance in securing additional funding through community Excellence Partners.
  7. The building administrator or Grants Committee may request additional information.
  8. Opportunity must not have been completed before the applicant applies for a grant.
  9. Final approval of all requests will be made by the CGEF Grants Committee based on funding availability.

Revised September 2021


  • Elizabeth James

    Aug 22, 2016


    Hi there, I am interested in applying for a PD Grant for a conference I would like to attend next summer. When will 2016 Applications be available?

    • Jennifer Rakow

      Aug 30, 2016


      The Fall Grant Cycle will open on Monday, September 26, 2016. Applications will be due by Friday, October 28th. The Spring Grant Cycle will open Monday, March 6, 2017. Applications will be due by Friday, April 7th, Thanks for inquiring!

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