Center Grove Foundation

Guidelines for Beck Grant

The Beck Memorial Fund was set up to honor John Earl and Ruth Grose Beck. John Earl and his wife Ruth were lifelong residents of White River Township.

The couple loved their community and in their own way worked to make the community a better place to work and play. Church and family were their main activities outside of work.

John Earl was a lifelong farmer and was extremely proud that his family farm was listed as a “Homestead Farm”.

Ruth was the first school nurse for Center Grove Schools traveling between schools to tend to all the students enrolled. She finally retired in 1978 and still resides in the White River Township area. John Earl was an avid reader and enjoyed outdoor activities. Ruth was an excellent cook and especially enjoyed making Christmas treats. In addition, Ruth’s father Wilbert “Bert” Grose was an early CGS trustee who also had five generations of family living in White River Township and attending Center Grove Schools.

Who may apply: Any teacher, group of teachers, school personnel, administrators, students, parent groups, school/community council or other community organizations in the Center Grove School Community.

Type of Project: A classroom, department, grade level or school-wide project that would promote student appreciation and enjoyment of history, nursing, reading, or agriculture, — ideally an innovative project designed to benefit the maximum number of students and to provide a foundation for future related programs.

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