Center Grove Foundation

Spring 2016 Teacher Grants

One on June 13, 2016, the Center Grove Education Foundation Board of Directors awarded five Teacher Grants totaling nearly $5,000 for the Spring 2016 Cycle.
Excerpts from the grant applications are included below:
  • Mike Leavitt and Angie Marsh, Center Grove Alternative Academy Teachers – Student Standing Desks ($828). “We plan to set up three standing desks in each of the two CGAA classrooms, making them available to students who feel they will work better while standing. Rather than zoning out or falling asleep in their chairs, standing will allow them to focus more on their work. We impress upon our students that they are in control of their learning, and this will give them one more way to take ownership.”
  • Danielle Myers, CGHS Science Teacher – Forensic Foray ($1,000).  “This grant will make forensics come alive for students. It will fund equipment necessary to allow students to carry out field and laboratory investigations. They will learn how to identify blood types, determine the cause of blood spatter patterns, and how to analyze identifying characteristics of fingerprints.  Students will conduct DNA, hair and fiber collection and analysis, trace analysis techniques, and will learn how to process a crime scene, document and store forensic evidence.”
  • Jennifer Dice, CGHS Choral Director – Choral Scholarship Program ($1,000).  “The purpose of this project is to help ease the financial burden for students who would not otherwise be able to participate in performing groups. This affects the entire ensemble by ensuring the most talented students at Center Grove are properly placed in the choirs according to their abilities. By assisting the CGCPO (parent organization) in this effort, we are maximizing the number of students who are able to participate in this one-in-a-lifetime high school experience.”
  • Lisa Thielmeyer, President, CGHS Red Alert Robotics Parent Organization – Red Alert Robotics($1,000).  “The goal of Red Alert Robotics is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting programs that build those skills and inspire innovation. The grant will be used to help fund our main annual project for the Red Alert Robotics team, which is to build a fully functional robot from scratch and then compete against other robotics teams. Each year, the competition challenge is different, requiring students to develop a strategy, create a design, manufacture and assemble the parts and systems, and test the robot.”
  • Courtney Allen, Middle School North 6th Grade Math Teacher – Breakout EDU ($1,000). “The grant will fund 10 Breakout EDU kits. When using the kits, students are given a scenario that introduces a story and purpose for opening a break out box.  Players have a fixed amount of time to solve a series of challenges, riddles, and mysteries in order to ‘break out.’ Each scenario is aligned with common core standards – Language Arts, Ancient History, US History, Math, Science, and STEM. The game requires critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity in the approach to solving the problem, helping them to understand that there is more to learning than textbooks, worksheets, and cookie-cutter answers.”


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