Center Grove Foundation

Spring 2016 Professional Development Grants

One on June 13, 2016, the Center Grove Education Foundation Board of Directors awarded seven Professional Development Grants totaling nearly $17,000 for the Spring 2016 Cycle.

Excerpts from the grant applications are included below:

  • Nora Hoover, Assistant Director of Secondary Curriculum – Math Process Standards ($3,457).  “A full day training and workshop on effective teaching of the math process standards for 39 math teachers (grades 6-12), 3 instructional coaches, and 4 administrators. Training will be provided by a Department of Education Math Specialist. The process standards will put math in action through reasoning, constructing arguments, modeling, practicing precision, using tools strategically, and perseverance. Through focused professional development, our teachers will learn to imbed these skills in everyday work, build college and career ready skills, and push students to think in more complex ways.”
  • Pam Price, CGHS Director of Guidance – Professional Development for Guidance Counselors($1,050). “This grant will fund professional development for guidance counselors that will prepare them to provide options for students based on their interests and needs, increasing the likelihood that they will graduate and be college and career ready after high school. Included are live webinars and asynchronous, self-guided discussions during monthly Early Release meetings. Training is provided by Fleck Education’s Intentional Counseling online workshop series for implementing an effective K-12 college and career readiness program.”
  • Instructional Coaches Lindsay Hardin (CGHS), Jeanne Schwartz (MSC) and Nancy McDowell(MSN) – Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute ($4,670). “Jim Knight is a foremost voice on instructional coaching. This summer, we will attend a conference hosted by Knight and his colleagues. Starting with this intensive training will allow us to understand the big picture of instructional coaching, and help fill our ‘toolboxes’ with the tools that are most impactful for our students and teachers. We will be able to show these strategies to the teachers, provide training, and support them as they implement those strategies in their classrooms.”
  • Megan McKinney, Center Grove Elementary 1st Grade Teacher – Math Daily 3 ($225).  “First grade teachers will learn how to help our students achieve mathematics mastery through the Math Daily 3 structure, which comprises Math by Myself, Math with Someone, and Math Writing. We will be exposed to the underlying brain research, teaching, and learning motivators. We will also learn about classroom design, how to create focused lessons that develop student independence, organizing student data, and differentiating math instruction.”
  • Heather Gant, Maple Grove Elementary Instructional Coach – Words with Friends ($2,500).  “All Center Grove elementary teachers will be invited to a summer workshop to build professional capacity and sense of efficacy in implementing Words Their Way into their daily word study instruction with an increased emphasis on vocabulary development and cross-curricular integration. Building leaders within the district will model best practices and serve as instructional resources for collaboration and professional development.”
  • Brian Proctor, Principal of North Grove Elementary School – Reading, Writing and Math, Oh, My!($2,500). “The impact of this professional development opportunity is to continue to seek out best practices and strategies in Reading, Writing, and Math that will impact student achievement at North Grove Elementary.  By sending at least three teachers to the National Conference on Reading, Writing, Math and More, they will then provide training modules to be integrated into our July Staff Retreat and throughout the school year.”
  • Julie Young, Instructional Coach at North Grove Elementary – Math Fluency and Problem Solving($2,500).  “By sending math grade level representatives to two workshops led by math teaching expert Ryan Flessner, a professor at Butler University, and Courtney Flessner, a math methods instructor at IUPUI, teachers will receive math professional development tailored to fit the needs of the Center Grove math curriculum. The impact of a district-wide ‘train the trainer’ model has the potential to improve the math instruction of every K-5 student.”

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