Center Grove Foundation

Fall 2017 Teacher Grants

Teacher Grants, Fall 2017

Books! Books! Books! $600
Heather Garvey, Pleasant Grove Elementary School
*This grant was made possible thanks to the Beck Family Memorial Fund

Unified Sports Day $1,600
Barb Kindred, Center Grove Physical Therapist

Vital Video Gone Viral $360
Betsy Leavitt, Maple Grove Elementary School

Morning Tubs $500
Megan McKinney, Center Grove Elementary School

P.E. Elementary Bowling Unit $4,250
Jason Mueller, All five elementary schools

Digital Data $1,000
Danielle Myers, Center Grove High School
*This grant was made possible by the Lammert Science and Technology Memorial Fund.

Minds in Motion – Building Stronger, Smarter Children through Active Learning $2,500
Krista Nelson, Center Grove Elementary School

In Pursuit of Beauty: Classical Language Arts for a Modern Classroom: Part II $2,800
Dustin Russell, North Grove and Maple Grove Elementary

Engaging Readers. Building Dreamers. $1,000
Melissa Warner & Katie DeArmitt, Center Grove High School

Calculators $1,000
Catie Zenor, Center Grove High School