Center Grove Foundation

Fall 2016 Teacher Grants

The Center Grove Education Foundation Board of Directors awarded thirteen Teacher Grants and six Professional Development Grants totaling over $28,000 for the 2016 Fall Cycle.

Excerpt from the grant applications are included below:

Teacher Grants

Atlas Update – $2,348.64

6th Grade Social Studies Department (Stephanie Campbell, LaRenda Peterson, Autumn Scheer, Denise Sedgwick, and Alicia Whitehead), Center Grove Middle School North 

“The CGMSN 6th grade teachers would like to purchase new class sets of world atlases. These atlases will be used in class regularly for students to gain awareness and knowledge of the geographical layout and features of the world in which they live. Overall, being able to read a map is a good life skill to have, and working with an atlas regularly helps students increase their knowledge of the world around them and become better global citizens.”

Lasers Lead the Way! – $3,500

Alex Basham, Center Grove Middle School Central 

“The H-Series 20×12 Desktop CO2 Laser is an easy to use laser cutter capable of professional results. All 6th and 7th graders in our building will have the opportunity to work with this technology as well as any 8th graders who elect to take the Technology Education Course. This equipment would be housed in the technology education room, but it may be accessed by any teacher in the district.”

Social Skills Class – $132.09

Cathy Campolattara, Center Grove High School 

“We have started a new Social Skills class that is run by 2 Special Ed teachers. The teachers discuss and review different social skills and how the students can use them in their everyday lives. Some of the skills taught are: hygiene, conversation, asking questions, conflicts, stress, and anxiety. We need to build our materials and resources in order to help the students to achieve better social skills and communication.”

In Pursuit of Beauty: Classical Language Arts for a Modern Classroom – $3,080

Timothy Dooms, North Grove Elementary School

“In Pursuit of Beauty: Classical Language Arts for a Modern Classroom will benefit 4th and 5th grade Extended Learning Students at North Grove Elementary and Maple Grove Elementary. This in-depth study of grammar will take place throughout the school year, complementing the Center Grove Community School Corporation’s writing initiative and will become a hallmark of specific, intentional gifted and talented curriculum implemented in the Extended Learning program.”

Incubator for Microbiology – $500

Kraig Kitts, Center Grove High School 

“Microbiology will be a brand new course designed for juniors and seniors with an interest in biology to explore the world of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The money will be used to purchase an incubator that is necessary to facilitate the growth of the organisms we will be studying in the course. This incubator can also be used by students in the Project Lead the Way course Biomedical Innovations as well as other general biology teachers in the department.” *This grant was made possible by the Steve and Andrea Lammert Science and Technology Memorial Fund. 

Positioned for Learning – $400

Betsy Leavitt, Maple Grove Elementary School 

“New learning positions will change the way students learn in my classroom. Instead of having to sit all day at a desk, I am able to give them position options when they learn. These new options will add so much to my classroom’s focus on learning.”

From Fidget to Focus – $400

Stacie Painter, Center Grove Middle School Central 

“Flexible seating has proven to increase motivation and engagement within students. Students have the choice of where they would like to sit each day, giving them the chance to decide what type of seating is best for them.”

First Lego League Robotics Club – $1,478

Autumn Scheer, Center Grove Middle School North 

“Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade research a real-world engineering challenge, develop a solution, and compete with LEGO-based robots of their own design. This year, students have been challenged to identify a problem when people and animals interact. Thus, they are on a mission to solve problems that occur when these species interact with humans.”

An Apple a day keeps frustration away!  – $500

Angela Stremming, Center Grove Middle School North 

“We are requesting a 13″ MacBook Pro with 8GB of storage. Throughout the year, we plan to share the MacBook to use during Section 504 conferences, to create instructional videos, and to use for other Student Services projects. As a department we will be able to serve our families and students more efficiently by the use of this technology.”

Bridges (Elementary Alternative Classroom)  – $900

Kathy Stricker, Director of Special Services and and Pam Whitaker, Center Grove Middle School Central 

“In August of 2016, we opened an elementary alternative classroom designed for students with special needs who had severe behavior problems. All of the students have sensory needs that need to be met and although we are continually adding options, we would like for the students to have body socks, weighted blankets and an alternative reading program. These additional items will help these students learn to focus on academic, social and behavioral interventions and hopefully, be able to return to their home school.”

Individualized Seating and Sensory Items to Meet Unique Student Needs - $1,200

Kathryn Sullivan, Maple Grove Elementary School

“Between Primary and Intermediate Special Education Teachers, our goal is to provide alternative seating in our room that will give sensory input and that allows students to focus on learning and to increase their performance on tasks and assessments to the best of their ability. This will benefit all students who have an Individualized Education Plan (45 students K-5), as well as the teachers and staff who work with them on their individualized needs.”

Community Kindergarten Information Night- Early Learning Giveaway! – $800

Marcy Szostak, Assistant Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning 

“January 24, 2017 is the date of this school year’s Kindergarten Information Night. The funding will be used to purchase books for students to take home. Additionally, the funding will allow teachers to purchase materials to use at “stations” set up in the evening for student activities. Students would also take the materials home in order to be able to continue the activity with their parents.”

High Interest/Low-Readability Library – $677

Julie Zarro, Center Grove Middle School North

“While capable readers often have a wide range of reading interests, and can access texts in a variety of genres and levels of difficulty, struggling readers tend to be more narrowly focused both in terms of interest and ability. A hi-lo book, broadly defined, is a title that offers highly interesting subject matter at a low reading level; i.e., to offer age-appropriate content—something that will grab the readers’ interest—at a readability level that is accessible. Once a student is turned on to reading, the possibilities for education are limitless.” *This grant was made possible by Beck Memorial Fund.