Center Grove Foundation

Board Members

2020-2021 CGEF Officers

President: Jamie Sowers

Vice-President: Jane Dunigan Smith

Secretary: Joanna May

Treasurer: Ray Podesta


CGEF Board of Directors

  • Kelly Aucremanne
  • Paige Bernacchi
  • Sheila Corey
  • Amanda Cottingham
  • Matt Davis
  • David Ferguson
  • Heather George Myers
  • Karen Hibbitt-Brandon
  • Robert Lather
  • Lindsey Long
  • Lisa Porat
  • Tandy Shuck


Ex-Officio Directors

  • Jack Russell, CGCSC School Board Liaison
  • Richard Arkanoff, CGCSC Superintendent (Administrative Representative)
  • Beth Heavin and Margaret Young, UTACG Representatives
  • Kerri Faulkner Hartwell, past President of CGEF


Executive Director: Jennifer Rakow


  • Bill Menish

    Dec 14, 2016


    As a CG grad from the class of '83, I am interested in helping the foundation. I just learned about you after a post for a fundraiser on the Class of '83 facebook page that I started to promote our reunion. I own a nationally recognized Fundraising and Consulting Firm based out of Louisville, Kentucky, with Indianapolis clients that include The American Heart Association, The American Lung Association and Junior Diabetes Research Foundation among others. Let me know when someone would be available for a call to talk about teaming up to benefit the foundation. Best, Bill Menish Menish Auction Group (502) 939-0399

  • Jennifer Rakow

    Jan 06, 2017


    Bill, Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We'll be in touch! Thanks, Jennifer

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